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Core Elements of a Marketing Strategy

Effective market segmentation is critical to automotive direct mail advertising. Here are some things you can do to improve your segmentation over your competitors:


Look at your typical buyers. Develop profiles for buyers not currently visiting your dealership.


Create a market offering that is different from your competitors and create value for them with targeted offerings


Along with targeted offerings, also look for buyers of your vehicle models purchased elsewhere. Use off-lease vehicles for younger or older buyers looking for a good value.

Campaign Planning

Always plan your campaigns, don’t react to your competition.


Successful market segmentation means mailing prospects and prime resale customers every 60-90 days. Target owners of your vehicles who bought elsewhere. Use data to find customers likely to be ready to own a new vehicle. If your dealership leases a lot of vehicles, include an off-lease listing in every mailing to turn over your leased vehicle inventory. Include sub-prime mailings in your market plan to move higher margin and over-age vehicles.