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The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Auto Industry

The automotive industry is one of the oldest and far-reaching modern industries in the world today, having been in existence for just over a hundred years. Everyone needs or wants a vehicle, creating a kind of automatic demand that is invaluable from a sales perspective.

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Discover MailTime Inc’s Email Marketing Services

Growing your customer base is an important part of expanding your business. If you own an automotive dealership and want to increase your customer base, consider email marketing. Discover MailTime Inc’s email marketing services by reading on.

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Check Out These Timing Tips for Your Direct Mail Campaign!

Direct mail campaigns will not be successful unless they take advantage of the ebbs and flows of your business cycle. As MailTime Inc works with you to develop your direct mail profile, we will be asking about timing and how it relates to your customers and the products you offer. 

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MailTime Inc Helps You Sell Cars

Proper marketing is crucial for driving sales. You must reach out to potential customers, and there are many methods of this. However, many people fail to consider direct mail as an effective method of reaching out to people. In this age, people commonly turn to methods such as e-mail, digital advertisements, and social media. Although these may work, direct mail has been proven to be an effective way to sell cars. If you’re looking for a method of selling cars at your dealership, you must consider direct mail as an option.

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Direct Mail Helps You Tap into the Millennial Market

Some people believe that direct mail is wasted on the generation of Millennials who grew up with digital technology and love their smartphones, tablets, and social media. However, studies have shown that the 80 million estimated millennials by the year 2020 actually like to get mail!

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Learn These Five Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Needs

Direct mail has been and continues to be one of the most effective ways to advertise an automotive dealership. If you’re looking to successfully market your automotive company, consider a direct mail marketing campaign. Learn about five automotive direct mail marketing campaign needs by continuing on with this blog post.

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Direct Mail and the Auto Industry

Today’s world is one that seems to be moving increasingly digital. That includes when it comes to business promotion, where most businesses spend their time and money on advertising efforts that are targeted toward online markets. In the auto industry, however, direct mail remains impressively effective. Let’s take a look at how companies in the automotive industries can use this strategy to help drive client interaction and sales.

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On Time, Every Time; Choose Mail Time Today!

Mail Time Inc. automotive full-service agency is about getting your direct mail campaigns done quickly, accurately, and efficiently. We have 20 years of experience in direct mail and printing which gives us a clear advantage over other direct mail marketing companies for marketers and their agencies.

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